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The philosophy of SARAJA
The dream
"We arrived over a sunrise of a deep Sardinian sea.
We were guided from the yellow color of Helichrysum, we recognized the path, the beaches and the woods. Its scents is all one with the territory. Thus our dream begins.”
The sign
“We stopped and we traced the sign, become an indelebile memory. An authentic sign, deep and instinctive, as our meeting with Sardinia. A sign that brings us to the sea into the wines we produce without wind.”
“Sardinia is a generous land, but you have to desire it strongly. You have to learn its rules and the story of the vineyards. Thereby you will learn the wines. “
The wines SARAJA
“The wines express the physical features of its land, strong and definite. They relate meaning of tradition and respect. Their taste correspond the terroir and paint their soul. “
Respecting the environment
“To protect the environment means a way of thinking, of living, of working and watching things around us and moreover loving them. For SARAJA means to take care of the vineyards and the wine, starting from the winery and continue in our lives, everything through the ethic of respect. Every gesture, decision or action comes from this source. The Earth is not our fathers heritage, but loan given by sons. When we observe the producer we do realize his ethical task, to not ruin the good grapes produced from the vineyard. This is the reason why we reduced filtrations, clarifications and sulphur, acting only when necessary and less possible. In the cellar the wine is protected from light and climate changes, surrounded by silence, evolving and maturing its own personality and reinforcing its character. Respecting totally every part of his creation. “